With Mother Nature


Our Mission

We believe life is better when shared. We believe Nature is the key for healing and transformation. We believe there is magic in connecting and following Nature’s cycles and that there is an invisible force that unites all living beings on earth.

We believe in healing through yoga, touch and walks in the forest. In kindness, laughter and campfire circles.

We believe spirituality is a path for self-development and Nature is and always has been the place we walk towards.

Sharing our mission with the world, we aim to bring back our connection with the natural world and our bodies. It is our wish to bring awareness to concepts like sustainability, green energies and alternative lifestyles. Let’s love our mother earth!


our team

Michiel Kaemingk - Yoga Teacher, Massage therapist & Life coach.

Michiel (1979) changed his working career in 2003 when he discoverd the art of Massage. He followed intense trainings in Deep-Tissue massage and soon realised this was his path. Working with people on a deeper level with the healing power of touch was the way to go. After giving up his job in recruiment consultancy, he started his own massage company. Many study trips to Asia, America and in Europe followed, gaining thorough experience in Deep-Tissue, Thai Yoga, Shiatsu & Chinese medicine, Sports and Chair massage.

The yoga path reveiled itself later in life but it was all a matter of the right timing before Michiel followed his first Vinyasa flow (Hatha based) Teacher Training in America with Frog Lotus Yoga. After that he trained with Paul & Suzee Grilley to become a Yin Yoga Teacher. Also het trained with many special teachers like Shiva Rea, Simon Park, John Friend & Desi Springer, Anat Geiger, Jose de Groot, Gayle Olson, Wade Gotwals and eventually he followed a short training with the Restorative yoga specialist Adele Cheong.

In his yoga classes technique, breathe work, alignment, mindfulness and flow are all aspects that Michiel focuses on.

After years of working with the physical body through Yoga and Massage Michiel started a 3 year training in professional communication. A coaching study that allows him to deepen his sessions with his clients and combine both body work and dialogue to help people reach a certain goal or clarify what before was maybe less clear. Michiel: “With every teacher you will pick up something that resonates with what you need at that given moment in time.”

Inês Sena - Nature healing & Massage therapist

Massage Therapist & nature healing

Inês is a Portuguese massage therapist with a great passion for the natural world. In her early 20's after coming across the practice of Yoga and the psychedelic culture, a process of self-discovery would lead her to discover the art of massage. During these years, she followed several trainings in Portugal followed by a trip to Thailand. Here she took an intense Traditional Thai Massage training in Chiang Mai, where she learnt from different generations of therapists about the ancient art of manipulating the body as a way to reach one’s spirit.

Returning to Portugal; the “off grid” scene was expanding, with eco villages and comunities popping up everywhere. She became immediately interested in everything that evolved living according to nature’s cycles. As she began her permaculture education in Lisboa, she started visiting eco communities and getting in touch with natural building techniques. During these years she also developed a great passion for Shiatsu, and pursed a 3 year course through the International School of Shiatsu. This turned out to be the most life changing matter she encountered so far, teaching her how to live in a more balanced and sustainable way, with herself and others.

After these years in Portugal, it was time to travel again, this time to Australia, the “father country” of permaculture. Here she also continued her massage trainings in Melbourne, learning both Lomi Lomi and Deep Tissue techniques.

Returning to Europe, she based herself between Amsterdam and Lisboa, where she works as a massage therapist and hosts massage workshops and retreats.

Baptiste Sakya - Massage therapist in our retreat in Portugal

Baptiste spent the last 15 years traveling and following the lineage of his family in holistic medicine, learning natural healing techniques in order to heal himself and help others heal.

After working as a Ski instructor for several years he suffered an important back injury. To recover and heal he turned to traditional techniques such as osteopathy, chiropractics and kinesiology as well as holistic techniques such as Yoga, Reiki and different types of massage.

He discovered Thai Massage in 2010 and fell in love with this technique. He decided to learn and was later asked to teach it.

He is a certified Reiki Practicioner and a certified massage therapist in Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, ThaiVedic Bodywork and Aromatherapy.

He practices Sound Healing and Aromatherapy during his sessions and he specialized in posture adjustment & realignment of the body, mind and soul.

He offers session of Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Vedic bodywork around the world and he has been a therapist at Boom Festival since 2010 and in various other festivals and events.

He started teaching Thai Massage and Yoga in 2015 in San Marcos Lake Atitlan Guatemala and in various places in Mexico.

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