Healing through nature

The past several decades have seen a big shift in people’s connection with nature. As we move away from life outdoors and into the comforts of modern homes, we seem to have buffered ourselves from the natural rhythms we’ve been adapted to for centuries – day and night, moon phases, day length changes, and seasons.

More and more studies show this disconnection from nature we all experience to some extent may be a factor in the rises in stress, depression, and anxiety rates. This disconnection also provoques a deresponsibilization in our actions on the planet, leading to the environmental issues we deal with nowadays.


How forests can help you heal


It is hard to describe exactly how nature helps heal, comfort, and nurture our minds; yet, intuitively, undeniably, it happens. It has been scientifically proven that when we spend time in nature, our brain behaves differently, affecting the regulation of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. This leads to a decrease in anxiety and depression levels and better health in general.

Connecting with nature can also be a deep spiritual experience, allowing us to re-discover that part of ourselves that feels connected to everything and everyone on the planet.


Sustainability starts with you

Sustainability is all about balance and how to maintain it over time. Ultimately It can be applied in different areas of our lives; going from environmental awareness, to finding a way to keep our mind and body healthy and stress free. Living in a sustainable way within means offering ourselves respect and kindness, while honestly acknowledging what is comfortable and natural for us in life.

What is important to maintain in order to live the best version of ourselves? What should we let go? What is comfortable for us to give and receive? How can we support our bodies and minds in daily life? All the answers to these questions become more clear when we are deep in nature; away from distractions and technologies. Our mind quiets down, our body relaxes, and we become a vessel to life's creative energy to manifest freely.