Living Off the Grid…



Living of tha what?!

As we turn on the lights, flush the toilet or turn the oven on, we hardly ever think about how electricity or water moves in and out of our homes. As we slowly move away from the natural world and into the comforts of life indoors, we seem to have lost the connection with everything we consume or the waste we produce.

The term “living off the grid” appeared in the mid-1990s and is credited to environmentalist Nick Rosen, founder of Living off the grid means different things to different people. Some belive it’s about being independent of electrical utilities and having a smaller carbon footprint. Others defend it’s about living without any dependence on the government, society, and its products. This means attending your own waste and producing everything you consume, including the food you eat. Whatever meanning you associate with this, an

‘off-grid life is always fuelled by a desire to live in a more conscious and respectfull way towards our planet’,

while being totally or partially independent from the support of the utilities that typically keep modern houses running. 


Natural building

Whatever they look like, off grid homes aim to supply their own water, handle their own sewage and generate their own power, leading to a smaller carbon footprint. Such systems include solar power, wells or cisterns, natural springs, septic systems, composting systems and more. Many times you end up building your own home, giving you total freedom in creating your dream house. Permaculture is an important part in living off the grid, giving you tools to design your house and your own systems. Learn more here.

Natural building has gained popularity over the years. Its techniques include a vast number of themes, ranging from timber to eath and clay construction. Design possibilities are endless, depending on which material you choose to use. You dream of a shoe shapped house? Possible. Maybe a hobbit house with a green roof? Also possible. Sky is the limit here.

Hermit or community builder?

Many of us never stopped to think if the way we live in relation to others in our particular lives makes sense. Maybe some of us would rather live more isolated, while others prefer comunity living.

‘Whichever way you feel it’s right for you, it is possible!’

Inside the off-grid living community, you can find all sorts of cultures, philosophies and ways of living.

Living off the grid is an invitation to live on your own terms, and to create your dream life away from the obligations of the system we were brought up in. It’s an invitation to embrace your uniqueness and to live according to it.

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